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September 28, 2010 / krazykim68

Dizzy Dame…

Today I decided to title this one “dizzy dame” . Compuzine is the medicine I am taking.   It is working great but is making me as dizzy as a  kite. I would rather be a little dizzy, than have the other problem.  In a good way it has forced me to take things slow.  I am beginning to feel better. I  made chicken. broccoli, and rice casserole. It turned out better than I thought. I had to make my cream soup (due to a gluten allergy) . It was delicious. I forgot that broccoli is a gaseous vegetable. OOPS!   I have taken my advice and been “doing” stuff everyday. Some days I get more done than others..and I am ok with that.  I am pacing myself.  Today was raining and misty. So if you are someone who has fibromyalgia, you know that this is the type of day that really sets off the nerve pathways of the central nervous system. I call it “pulsating sensations”.  Dampness, cold weather, and stress make for a fibromyalgia flare that can set me back for days.  I am so thankful for a family and friends that pray for me daily and continue to do so.  I  made the meals for the last three days. I am feeling more like myself and more like a mom.


I realized this week that I am needed. And today I was told it was okay to take baby steps to tackle my unending list of things to do.  I was getting so overwhelmed.  So this is my encouragement to you: YOU ARE NEEDED.  You may not feel like it, but you are needed more than you realize.  ALSO: TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME.  You will find you won’t be as tired and overwhelmed. Remember God loves you and so do I .

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